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How to register as a driver.

How to be a driver?

Luby is always available to enterprising drivers, providing a warm welcome to our platform. What better opportunity to generate new revenue by driving your vehicle.

    • To start you must have documents per day in transit entities, no penalties, no criminal records.

Car Features and documents.

  • Car Model: 2009 onwards.
    4 Doors with warehouse space.
    Music player.
    Air conditioning.
    You must be in perfect condition.
  • Car documents:
    Technical legal documentation.
    Driver’s license.
    Identity card.
    Role of good conduct.

Luby Users App

Luby Users



Where would you like to go?

How to travel in Luby?

Download our APP Luby Users (Android o iOS)
You must register.

When you are already registered:

    • Enter the map.
    • Choose the source and the destination.
    • Type of service: vehicle or chosen driver.
    • Payment method: Cash or credit card.
    • The estimated price of the selected route will be displayed.
    • Press ‘Trip‘.
    • You’ll locate a vehicle in the sector.
    • The full profile of your driver, vehicle color and plate will be displayed.
    • Good trip!!.